Vine School

Staff Directory


Jaramillo, Valerie Principal

Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)

Franklin, Kimberly TOSA

Transitional Kindergarten

Boege, David Teacher
Nichols, Carrie Teacher


Gonzales, Eileen Teacher
Khalil, Luminita Teacher
Larsonsilva, Wendy Teacher

First Grade

Bocanegra, Jennifer Teacher
Kelton, Lucia Teacher
Ramos, Monique Teacher

Second Grade

Dieterich, Karen Teacher
Hall, Brenda Teacher
Johnson, Victoria Teacher
McRann, Dianna Teacher

Third Grade

Cameron, Catherine Teacher
Marin, Desiree Teacher
Souza, Donna Teacher

Fourth Grade

Buhac, Jennifer 4th Grade Teacher
Chavez, Mrs. Jennifer 4th Grade Teacher
Efker, Catherine 4th Grade Teacher
Kimble, Julissa Teacher
Larsonsilva, Bon Teacher

Fifth Grade

Gonzales, Jennifer 5th Grade Teacher
Pedroarias, Andrea 5th Grade Teacher
Family of eagles

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